We treat each new course as an individual project, with a 5-stage process to ensure fast achievement of communication goals.

1. Customer Needs Analysis

A thorough analysis takes into account:

  • The customer's industry and business objectives
  • The roles of the training participants within the company
  • The individual needs of the participants

2. Level Assessment

Pre-training level assessment enables balanced ability in the training groups.

Our system for measuring linguistic competence is fully compatible with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEF).

For more information about the Common European Framework please visit the website of the Council of Europe.

3. Planning

Clearly defined communication goals are generated from the customer needs analysis and participant level assessment, and a training plan is produced to achieve these goals.

4. Implementation

Training is carried out to the highest standards by a team of qualified and experienced native-speaking trainers.

5. Quality Control

Ongoing monitoring and reporting in the following ways provides a measurable Return On Investment (ROI):

  • Ongoing in-course assessment
  • Trainer feedback
  • Participant feedback
  • Regular progress reports
  • Client feedback
  • End of course testing

Certificates of course completion are available on request.